Let’s be clear. I’m a morning person. I love a fresh new day, a new page in a notebook, empty squares on my planner waiting to be filled.

I also believe they are the most important time of my day and sets the tone for my productiveness.

Now that my kids have gotten a little older mornings have gotten a lot easier. They come down in the morning on their own (after being called on the monitor) and we snuggle in bed and chat while we get ready.

I LOVE this time with the boys. We kiss and hug, I tell them how much I love them, ask them about their dreams. We talk about the plans for the day. Its a great time to connect. And when the nanny arrives we can all get going on our days having spent some quiet time together.

This is how my IDEAL morning goes:

First up is exercise for 15-20 minutes, then I get some water and some breakfast and sit down at my desk. The most important part of my day is next: To do list and planning.

I make my first pass list before turning to my computer. I think through things I want to accomplish and write them down (more on my planner and how I use it later!). Then, I check my personal and work emails to flesh out my list. I also check my daily chore doc and make sure those tasks are incorporated. Tasks are divided into personal and work, and if I’m super busy I number them by priority.

I eat breakfast and check facebook/instagram/my blogs. This gives me time to take a breath and check out a bit before my workday begins.

My morning routine is written out and stuck on my monitor–it keeps me on track. Which I need! Because while this is the ideal, real life can get in the way of pretty quickly!

What do your mornings look like? Any tips for making mornings more efficient?

I just realized I might have to add blogging to my morning routine! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Mornings

  1. Ssmith

    Hold on- you have to call the boys? H is up by 530 most days and always up and active by 630… ahh well… Looking forward to when they can fix themselves breakfast:)


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