The New YNAB

Transitioning to the new YNAB is going well. Of course, any change can be frustrating, especially with something you love. And oh, do I LOOOOVE me some YNAB. But its surprising how quickly I’ve gotten over those little frustrations–with only minimal yelling at the computer. YNAB has a bunch of new features–most notably it is now web based and syncs to your accounts. LOVE that it is now web based, wasn’t so thrilled about the auto sync at first, but I’m warming up to it.

YNAB entered my life nearly 3 years ago and changed the way I looked at money. I was an instant convert once I started using it–ironically I was hesitant at first because the user had to manually enter each transaction. Ridiculous! I thought. Who has time for that?

But now that was feature I was hesitant about getting with the new version! Simply because having to “touch” each in and outflow is how I really got a handle on what we were spending. Luckily,  I still have to handle each transaction in the new version, it just eliminates extra typing. It doesn’t try to categorize for me–thank goodness! A person is still better than a computer, gosh darn it.

I truly, deeply, heartily believe that having a handle on finances is crucial to work life balance and marital happiness. Clay and I have fought about money only 2 or 3 times in nearly 7 years of marriage–only because we stay on the same page. That leaves more time to fight about trivial things like who is going to hand wash the wine glasses. Yay!

My favorite features:

  1. Budgeting over time to save up for annual bills so there is no pain when the bill arrives. This is just part of the set up. It feels so good when that annual bill comes and that money is already sitting there…
  2. Only one big bank account needed.
  3. Preparing for issues effortlessly–need new tires? Oh, I already have $1000 sitting in car repair. Go me! No stress! Just buy new tires!! I have buckets for clothes, birthdays, sports, large electronics, disney, AAA, amazon prime, etc. Just to name a few!
  4. They have video classes to teach you how to use it–I learn best by video.
  5. I can’t vouch for debt payoff because we didn’t have any, but it did help us build a ‘buffer’ and an emergency fund.

And its good to prepare, because unexpected (read: bad) things do happen. Because of YNAB, when Clay was laid off back in Oct 14 we were totally prepared, without even knowing it–and you can read THAT story on the YNAB blog.

All this to say, I really recommend doing SOME kind of budgeting to get in a zen place with money. Make an excel sheet, or try YNAB or quickbooks or Mint or whatever. Less stress means more time with my kids and less time fighting with Clay. And more money to do the fun stuff!

Ah, my zen place:




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