The center of it all.

Planner, blue. Work notebook, pink. 

Up until 3 years ago I used to-do lists and google calendar (another post on that coming soon…) to keep my time organized. I also relied heavily on outlook for my work schedule. But something was missing. Everything was in multiple places, which made it hard to plan long term and see how tasks/commitments were interacting.

Enter…dundunduuuuun…ERIN CONDREN.

Homegirl makes some sexy planners. I hadn’t used a paper planner since college. It seemed silly to use paper nowadays. But it was gorgeous. And one night I went down a MAJOR rabbit hole of lifeplanner unboxing videos on youtube–ending in large purchase at around midnight (and some crazy dreams).    2013/14, 2015, 2016. 

I’ve never looked back. I’ve found planner bliss. I still use outlook and google calendar, but the planner is so much more. I divide my days into work, personal and habits blocks. I track meals, water, flossing, vitamins, who I need to email, work calls, meetings…on and on. It helps me with the minutia as well as the BIG goals.

Writing things down–just the tactile act–is relaxing for me. On Monday mornings the first thing I do is get the big stuff in the planner (workout schedule, chore schedule, meals, habit stickers, etc) and then as the week goes on I fill in the to do lists. When I get stressed I just go into my office and hug it tight for a bit…just kidding. Not really.   I ran out of vitamin stickers. bummer. 

I like that I can see my week and plan to do stuff later in the week if I want to put it off for a bit (i.e. adding “call insurance company” to the list on Friday so I won’t forget, but can procrastinate a bit…). Or, if we are having people over on Thursday, I can write “plan dinner for XXX” on Tuesday.

Some people REALLY do up the decorating of their planners, but I need the space, so I just do some little washi and fun practical stickers, leaving most of the space open for lists. There is also my handwriting issue (cough cough).

I would be a mess without my planner and I sincerely credit it with how I maintain some semblance of sanity and balance. Also, the boys love to color in it. Because, why not. Sigh.

  Better than any sticker. 



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