Get Out

My biggest challenge with two little ones is getting out the door in:

  1. A reasonable amount of time
  2. Without pleading or yelling
  3. Without forgetting anything

I do have a routine/some tricks for getting out the door easily…that I didn’t implement AT ALL on our Monday library trip.

It took 30 minutes to get out of the house. No one would get their shoes or jackets on…WHY is winter so hard? So much outerwear! This resulted in both begging and raising my voice at the kids. The library bag was left behind, in the driveway, no less. The low point was slipping on the ice as I chased them around the driveway (JUST GET IN THE CAR!!). The times you hope that the neighbors aren’t watching.  I was just not prepared and we all suffered.  As I took some deep breaths on the short drive to the library I reminded myself that the reason it was so tough was I didn’t follow my own plan.

Lonna, please PLEASE do the following when you want to take the kids somewhere:

  1. Tell them all day what the plans are, so its not a surprise.
  2. BEFORE waking them up/getting their attention:
    1. Lay out shoes/outwear in piles on the floor
    2. Pack the go bag with water bottles, snack and diaper tote
    3. Put all your stuff by the door
  3. Give them a 5 minute warning.
  4. Get yourself completely ready. Yes, you will be hot. Deal.
  5. Go outside and open the car doors so they can climb in–no chance to run away while you mess around! Placing an enticing toy in the car seat doesn’t hurt.
  6. Put your stuff in the car.
  7. Grab the boys and help them get ready.
  8. Usher them out to the car with a calm firmness that they can only respect. ha.
  9. Let them climb in and attempt to strap themselves in so they don’t get cranky. Hand them snack.
  10. WIN.

Doing all the pre-work and not really even involving the boys until the end is the key for me. Especially if they are napping, this is SO much more efficient than trying to entertain them while packing up (i.e. George laying on the floor with shoes half on the wrong feet saying that he is out of batteries while I’m in the pantry with Henry holding my leg screaming for a snack–you know, just a hypothetical).

Even with the rocky start, we did still have fun at the library. 🙂 

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One thought on “Get Out

  1. Emily

    1- I had no idea you had a blog! I’m so glad to have found it
    2- YES YES yes!!! This speaks to me so much. Getting two kids in the car is such a struggle. Especially a toddler who inevitably decides not to want to put his coat on or go as I’m standing there keys in hand!


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