Help is Good

“Time is money” is cliche, but it took on new meaning for me once we had kids and solid careers.

Perfect example: I love to travel. Flights are expensive. Sometimes, you can get cheaper flights by having more stops or longer layovers. Pre-kids and pre-stable finances, I was happy to pay less and take longer to get somewhere. Layovers can be fun! Now, I have more money and less time. And kids are RIDICULOUS on planes. I would much rather take the more expensive direct flight for my family’s comfort. 

Clay and I love our jobs and want to work–but that limits our time. So, we use the privilege of the money we make to help create balance for ourselves. Its a trade off that works for us.

My next three posts will highlight how I use money as a tool to create more time in our lives–to ease the tasks of daily life: grocery shopping, cleaning and childcare. I take help from great services so that I have more quality time with my kids, downtime for myself, and space to focus on doing a great job at work.

These posts will focus on how to “take help” as a working parent. And I can’t wait to hear tips from you all about how you make your lives easier with so much to juggle.

Stay tuned!

P.S. Another way to take help is to eat this Sticky Toffee Pudding. Made in the microwave. Just saying.


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