I have a vice category in YNAB. Every dollar has a job and some of them are just to make us happy. And drunk.

What does vice constituent? Things we don’t need, but want. Life’s little luxuries. And with two jobs and two little kids, we need a little luxury around here sometimes. Here is what I have been using those Vice dollars on lately.

Lush. Bath bomb problems. I’ve got them. Now that there is a lush a stone’s throw from my house its very hard to stop. And I’ve got that jetted soaking tub, so I HAVE to use it. This is the Frozen bomb I used last night. Yes, I do still have some glitter on me. No, I do not care.

Poo Pourri. I can’t even with how much I love this product. It has changed my life. We also installed a bidet and I’ve never been happier with that part of life. Not to mention the effect on my marriage. Love it.

Starbucks Refreshers. I really don’t like coffee. And I’m not a big fan of tea or soda. And this means…I don’t have CAFFEINE in my life. So I was pretty thrilled with Starbucks came out with a juice with caffeine. This thing is my jam.

Cheese. I love a cheese shop. I love soft, milky cheese with a delicate rind the best–slathered on a baguette. But am also a Beemster Gouda fan. And I’ll never turn down a large hunk of really good Parmesan. Or some mild blue. Fresh ricotta. Burrata. Or any cheese, really.

Beemster X-O-

And Clay’s vices are a bit different.

Brown Liquor. Of the scotch or bourbon variety.


Fancy coffee. The Nespresso machine is king. Quick, easy and really high quality. Speaking of, he needs to order the pods…

X-box games. He got a fancy controller for Christmas and now that the bar is over, we are back to Halo in the evenings.

Clay thinks this is him.

This makes it really easy to shop for Clay. Coffee, alcohol, and video games.

What vices do you indulge in?

None of these links are affiliate, or sponsored or anything. Just love them! 


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