Straightening Up the Off Kilter

The last few weeks have been tough–and work-life balance has felt quite elusive. I’ve been working a ton and getting up early/staying up late to get stuff done. Henry had surgery which was super scary for mama. Not getting down time make things feel even more overwhelming.

I’ve been turning things in late, on work calls with kids screaming in the background and relied on take out more often than usual. Sent emails to the WRONG person. The house was messier and the kids got less time with me. I tossed and turned worrying about Henry, so was cranky and tired during the day. BUT, while I’ve done a TON of complaining these past few weeks I also need to focus on the good stuff that took the pressure off and made me feel like I could keep going. Its amazing how far a little encouragement can go.

  • Clay watching the finale of the Bachelor with me and totally putting up with me swooning over Ben.
  • A great review and nice comments from my supervisor.
  • My MIL coming over to play with the boys when my work day ran over.
  • Compliments from a colleague I haven’t worked with before–and on a new type of work for me.
  • Henry taking my face in his hands and saying he loves me SO MUCH!
  • My mom listening to me ramble on about everything and nothing.
  • George bringing me a High Five magazine and asking if we can make the project together.
  • A surprise birthday gift from my dad on the front step (helloooo instant pot!)
  • I had SO MANY emails, texts and calls with sweet messages about Henry. Even though I was alone at the hospital (by choice) I felt the presence of our whole community. It really made a difference.

Luckily, things seem to be turning back around, with tasks easing up a bit at work and the surgery behind us. I’m traveling for the next two weeks (San Francisco and Columbia, SC), and then hopefully things will return to a normal pace.  But in the meantime, I’ll keep thinking about the good things. Like these two.

Also, its my birthday this weekend, so can’t complain too much! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Straightening Up the Off Kilter

  1. Firstly happy birthday! And from the WordPress community I’m so glad surgery went well for your precious son! The more I look at work life balance the more I’m convinced we are designed to be in interdependent communities. You couldn’t have done all you needed to do this week without the love and support for others. But equally your greatest achievements this week have been your contribution to others. From bringing your talents to new projects with new colleagues to sitting by your sons bed, you’ve made a difference to those around you. I think work life balance is less to do with how many plates can I spin on my own and more to do with how we give and receive in our communities.


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