Stitch Fix: A Review

I’ve used Stitch fix for several years now and really like it. And now, they are even offering SHOES! And talk about taking help…I was never a big clothes shoppers and after kids? Forget it. My mom is my main stylist–but the woman can only do so much! I usually get 3-5 boxes per year and really enjoy it.

Things I like:

  1. Fast, easy and convenient. Clothes show up at my door when I want them. And our mailman picks up the ones I don’t want at my door.
  2. Great customer service! I had a shirt tear once on the first wear–I just sent it back with my next fix and they credited my card.
  3. Out of my box items (no pun intended). Haha. Sometimes I take items out and I’m like NO WAY. But I try it on and love it. Go figure.

Things I don’t like:

  1. Sometimes I get similar items across boxes.
  2. STOP with the SEE THROUGH SHIRTS. Just stop. Really.
  3. They don’t always address my comments on what I want/need in the next box. And see #2. How many times can I say it to them?

I received my birthday box on Saturday and did a fashion show with photographer Clay when the kids were napping. Here is what I got and my review of the items. I always try on first, then look at the prices to make the final decision.

First up is a pretty teal dress. I was excited about it because of the sleeves (all my current dresses are sleeveless) but I also already have something in this color.

  Once I tried it on, it was a no go. Just wasn’t flattering and didn’t make me feel cute. So still on the search for a dress with sleeves. Also, the price was a little high for me at $118.

Final verdict: Return. 

Next up was this pink blouse. I liked it okay, but already have a pink tank like this from stitch fix. 


Final verdict: Return. 

Next up is this studded blouse, jeans and pair of shoes. I loved the color of the blouse right away. I hoped it would fit well. The jeans I wasn’t sure about at first blush because of the top of them. Because, ya know, I’m not pregnant. And the shoes…I had no idea what to think. 

 After try on, I fell DEEPLY in love with the jeans. They feel like yoga pants and make me feel super cute ($78). The top is great and definitely something I would wear in all seasons ($58). The shoes were cute and I liked them more on than I thought–I decided to wait to see the price to make the final decision.

And that made it EASY. At $100 there was no way I was keeping these puppies. I’m hard on shoes and that much for casual shoes that I will be running in the mud with? Nope. Too bad, because they were comfortable and I don’t have anything like them.

Final verdict on the shoes: Return. 

Final verdict on the jeans and blouse: Keep. 

That’s the latest Stitch Fix. I’m really jazzed about the jeans and shirt and I feel like 2/5 ain’t bad. Though I did write ANOTHER note about see through tops. Maybe they will get it this time??

Do you use stitch fix? What do you think?

This post include referral links, opinions are my own.


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