I love getting mail–who doesn’t?

So its no surprise that I adore the monthly subscription box trend. I signed up for a few over the years and have stuck with some and not others.

Send me ideas if you get one you love and this I should try! I’m thinking of trying nature box or another snack ones, jewelry/accessory ones I’ve seen on Instagram and kid activity/crafts kits–any suggestions?

Current subscriptions:

*none of these are affiliate links, just stuff I like

The Curated Tee

A lovely kids t-shirt subscription by a friend from Hyattsville. We look forward to these shirts every month. They are so hip–which is especially important now that the boys have such super hip haircuts.  
 I mean, RIGHT?

We Cook Kits

A wonderful kit that comes every month with recipes and tools to encourage cooking with your kids. They even have a sibling addition, which is perfect for our little family (sharing is tough). I love cooking with the boys and have read Jacqui’s blog for years. The kits are also a way that she remembers her son, Ryan Cruz, who passed away in 2014.

 So much fun!

Dollar Shave Club 

I got this for Clay for Christmas–he has really liked having a fresh razor. And the prices are great!

I have done these boxes in the past: Bluum (baby and kid stuff), Citrus Lane (baby and kid–no longer in business), Ipsy (make up) and Birchbox (make up).

Of course, I also do Stitch Fix, but have a whole separate post on that!

Its super fun to get mail–especially for fun things I can do with the boys. Its nice to have activities at the ready for our time together.


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