Quiet Companions

My friend Denise asked me to look at this cat she had found, Frankie. She was so young, but with one glance I knew she was pregnant. We anxiously waited for the birth–I knew I would take one, because even though I had two cats and a dog already. Who can resist a fresh kitten?

I was there when Bea was born. I helped remove her little sack–and chased Frankie’s doggie roommate away. Six weeks later, I took her home.  She broke her leg a few months later. She was trying to jump onto the counter from the kitchen table to get some ham. The whole head of her femur broke off, but she barely limped. Cats have such a different experience of pain. An FHO surgery later, it was like it never happened. She stayed in her crate with that bitter apple stuff on her leg for a few weeks, but never complained. Was back to normal in no time.

I almost didn’t keep her. When in a break up, the pets were divided, the plan wasn’t originally for me to take her. But, things changed, and in the end I had Bea and Alcy. My tortie pair.

And soon, they will both be gone.

My entire adult life, these cats have been with me. I got them when I was 20 and 21 and in a totally different place in my life. So much has changed since then, but they were my constant.

She started drooling a few weeks ago. I thought it was her teeth. She has terrible teeth. I joked with the vet that we should just remove them all, but as we were talking about a dental, he found the mass on her tongue.

He looked at me with sad eyes and I couldn’t breathe. He gave me some other possible explanations, but I knew by his tone. She had a dental and a biopsy the next day. Yesterday, he called to tell me what I already knew. She only has a few weeks left.

Clay has a soft spot for her. He looks at her now and sighs, says, “My girl” while rubbing her butt like she likes. The boys say everyday that they will miss her. These little mentions of the importance of Bea in our home break my heart into tiny pieces.

She is already declining. Not sitting with me as much and the drooling is excessive. She has a lot of trouble eating. Soon, the hard decision will come, but we will know when its time. I will hold her and say goodbye, just like I did with Alcy a year and a half ago.  Its amazing how much these cats crawl into out hearts. They are such quiet companions. I hate to admit it, but I took her for granted. Her purr, her comfort, petting her absentmindedly. Bea sat with me everyday in my office. My kitty coworker.

I will miss her so much.




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