Black Thumb

We have a beautiful yard. Its large, has lots of big trees and nooks and crannies for the boys to explore.


We are not yard people. I don’t know what to do! I can organize anything. I can create a process that takes an idea to final product with 50 approvals that would BLOW YOUR MIND.

But this?

A mystery of epic proportions.

Clay and I have been homeowners together for 5 years. And we JUST bought a lawn mower. For FIVE years we borrowed one or hired someone.

Let that one soak in.

In an effort to get more “in touch” with our yard, we planted some tomato plants and marigolds. We have started raking up the gum balls. We blow off the driveway on a regular basis. 

And, drumroll…we actually are really enjoying it. Maybe we ARE yard people?!?

At the very least, I’m hoping that we can continue to put effort into the yard. The fact that the boys play outside 90% of the time is helping–its motivation for us to get out, too. And, if we are out, might as well water or rake something. Right?

So, if the tomatoes survive the worms, the deer, and the most unlikely, my black thumb. Then maybe we can grow more. Any suggestions?


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