Be Our Guest

House guests are a wonderful treat. And at our new home, we have a dedicated guest space so I can really take the hospitality up a notch! It always so lovely when I feel welcome at a friend’s house–and have a place to go that’s private. Especially since we have two little monsters angels running around the house–I definitely want our loved ones to have a comfy escape!

We have a bunch of guests coming in over the next few weeks, so over the weekend I got things spruced up in preparation. Here’s what I provide in our guestroom to make it feel as homey as possible:

Fresh linens/Spare pillows and blankets

Fresh beds linens on the bed and fresh towels in the bathroom are a given. I also have extra pillows and blankets available in case its gets chilly and/or folks want to prop themselves up a bit more. I like to show these to folks when they get in so they don’t have to feel awkward about asking once they are in their jammies.

Toiletries and Supplies

It sucks to forget a toothbrush, so I’ve got those and some other supplies like razors, tums, advil, first aid kit, etc in a basket under the sink. I also have full bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the guest shower. And of course, a hair dryer. 

Empty drawers and empty hangers in the closet

I LOVE to unpack when I get somewhere. And although its tempting to fill those guests room closets and drawers with my crap I work hard to keep them open and available for guests to put their things and make themselves at home.

Snack basket

Sometimes it just nice to have a snack and a water after traveling. Or to have stuff to grab and take to the car when leaving. I mean, who doesn’t love snacks? I get something sweet, salty and healthy.


Tech Station

WIFI is the breath of life, is it not? People can’t live without their devices, so I’ve got the password displayed and an extra charging cord in the drawer. We also have a TV in there, but need to get it hooked up and working.


My next guest room investment will be a single serve coffee machine so that people can get their caffeine fix before even emerging from the room. Plus, it just makes me feel good to have a little bed and breakfast in my house. 😉

Now, who wants to make a trip to Charlotte?


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