Apple Watch Review

I’m not going to bury the lead here: I love it.

Apple products are my jam, and I’m generally an early adopter. But when the watch came out, I just wasn’t sure I needed it. Or wanted to wear it. I didn’t get it when it first came out and didn’t really miss having it.

Then, amazon ran this amazing special on the Fitbit  last year around my birthday. I still wasn’t sure a wearable was for me, but it was so inexpensive that dropping the $ seemed worth the experiment. I fell in love with the Fitbit–especially that it pinged me when I got a call.

But then the darn thing broke. Right before my birthday…imagine the coincidence…I started looking at the new Fitbits, but quickly realized what I REALLY wanted was the Apple Watch. The rose gold totally suckered me in. And with my YNAB birthdays category, the money was  there (yes, I brought up YNAB again).

 Now that I’m a month in I’ll share what I love and like about the watch (no dislikes here):


I love that it pings me when I get a call or text, and I can respond quickly. Its important with kids in childcare to know I’m not missing anything. Also, while working from home, its nice to know if I’m getting a call if I’m changing over laundry or making lunch or something.

I love how it looks and that I can change the face on a whim. I also love how the weather is on the watch face. I use that much more than I thought I would.  I love having a timer on my wrist when I’m cooking.

I love how easy it makes travel. I used it so much on my most recent business trip. My tickets were on it, so my phone could stay in my bag at the airport. All my reservations were in my calendar. I got a reminder about my car reservation and used that to check in. Then, I got in the car, got a reminder about my hotel reservation, opened it, clicked the address and it started driving directions to my hotel. WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE!!!

I love apple pay. I use it whenever I can–I wish I could use it more places.

I LOVE that I can ping my iPhone. Its embarrassing how much I use this feature.


I like being able to talk on the phone with it. But its still a little weird.

I like the band. It can sometimes get a little sweaty/sticky.

I like the reminders for email/Instagram/etc, but sometimes its a little much. I turned some of them off.

I like the tapping thing. Its also strange. I’ve gotten used to it, but at first it gave me a creepy feeling.

I like the fitness tracking. Fit bit was a little better in this area. And sometimes I really want to tell it to shut up when it’s all like, STAND UP LAZY PERSON, every hour. EVERY hour.  (I can mute this, but then the guilt creeps in…)  So, those are my thoughts on the Apple Watch. Love, love, love. As a work at home mom, it has helped me so much!

One more thing, this charging station for the iPhone and Watch is a MUST. I love the way it looks, and for 8 bucks, you can’t beat it. 



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