Instant Pot

Last night I made this Butter Chicken recipe in my Instant Pot. It was definitely the most complex recipe I’ve made in awhile, but I wanted to try it after finally picking up some Garam Masala at World Market a few weeks ago.

It was SO good. It was NOT healthy. Haha. I served it with naan and cauliflower rice. The cauliflower rice makes the stick of butter and 3/4 cup heavy cream okay, right? Totally balances it out. Totally. Well, that’s what I’ll tell myself.  I started eating before I took the picture. I couldn’t wait. Sorry.

Even though there were a lot of steps and ingredients, I did it all in my instant pot and vitamix, so clean up was a breeze. The recipe made enough for two dinners and two lunches and the cooking time was so fast it was on the table in about 30 minutes. For a working mom, its nice to be able to make complicated recipes with longer cooking meats in a short time. And a big capacity also means I can make more at a time for easy meals later. Thank you, Instant Pot! Insert SMILE and THUMBS UP!

In all seriousness, because its so fast, I use it 1-3 times a week. Usually I just put a frozen chicken breast or two in with BBQ sauce, salsa or my homemade teriyaki style sauce. I love the saute feature so I can thicken the sauce after the pressure cooking is over. It makes quinoa in 1 minute. Oatmeal in 3. I throw a couples chopped apples in there with some cinnamon and a splash of water and lemon juice and have apple sauce in 5 minutes. There is so much more I want to try!

There was a learning curve for me with using it. Probably because I didn’t read the directions and just assumed I knew what I was doing (surprise! I didn’t). One time I didn’t shut the vent and didn’t understand why the timer never clicked on (duh, no pressure). So the lesson here is to read the instruction manual, folks!

And I was a tiiiiny bit afraid it was going to explode at first but pressure cookers are safe now and I don’t even think about it anymore. Well, most of the time.
It has a bunch of other features I haven’t used yet, like yogurt making, etc. Send me recipes if you have some that you love. I want expand my repertoire, I know this thing can do a lot more!



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