What’s in My Mommy Bag

My days of a dedicated diaper bag are over, but that doesn’t mean I get to carry an adorable little purse. Far from it. When I’m out with the kids, they got needs. And skinned knees.

Here is what I carry with me when I leave the house with the boys:

The bag itself. I love the soft leather and big interior. I got it a few years ago from Whipping Post.

Inside view. This bag holds a ton!

All the contents!

1. First Aid Kit

2. Diaper tote

3. Water bottles for the boys. George gets blue and Henry gets green in almost everything they own. Makes them easier to grab by sight. And they know which one is theirs, so they don’t fight over them.

4. Toys: Balls, cars, crayons, necklace and book.

5. Snacks! Apple sauce is always there, I usually throw in some crackers, too.

6. Wallet, keys, iphone (with chargers and headphones).

7. Moleskin and pen.

8. Satin hands. Because I am addicted.

9. Mommy supplies bag. Notice how much smaller it is than everything else.

Yay! Now a break down of the little bags.

Mommy bag!

Chapsick, moisturizer, hair stuff, and Advil. That’s my life in a tiiiiny little bag.

First Aid Kit:

The boys always need something when we are out on the town, from skinned knees to Henry’s constantly running nose. So I keep a good supply of stuff.

1. Neosporin foam

2. Kids ibuprofen

3. Boogie wipes (I wish I had stock in these things)

4. Gauze and cleaning pad

5. Hydrocortisone cream

6. Band-aids (super hero, of course)

All packed in:

Diaper tote:

This bag is for Henry. Diapers, wipes, disposable bibs, tissues, and ANOTHER mini first aid kit. Sometimes I only grab this bag if I don’t want to carry the big one.

All packed in:

And that’s what in my bag! I clean it out once a week or so to get rid of receipts, trash and rocks. You heard me. Rocks. Sneaky little buggers. 🙂

What do you put in your mommy bag?


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