Puppy Time

I’m not sure exactly how this happened, but we are getting a puppy on Saturday. Clay has been pushing for a dog for years and I have said a very firm NO. But then, I mentioned I could be ready and now he claims that the dog was MY IDEA.

Well, marriage communication issues aside. Maggie is coming. And like a newborn, puppies need lots of prep.

Maggie and her sisters, she is on the far left

My first step was to find a reputable breeder that we could drive to–I’m not into shipping puppies. We (ME) decided to go with a non-shedding variety because of my aversion to dog hair all over my house. I had a standard poodle previously and looooved that she didn’t shed. I’ve heard great things goldendoodles –great with kids, sweet and easy to train. So, we decided that was a good fit for our family.

I did a TON a research and developed a spread sheet of breeder locations, litter timing, and availability. I spent a lot of time on the phone with breeders asking questions about their practices and eventually found one I really liked that also had a puppy available in our time frame. Let me just say–waiting lists are looong for these dogs everywhere–they are popular. We waited about 2.5 months for Maggie. Most litters fill up before the puppies are born, sometimes even before the dogs “honeymoon!”

In the end, everything lined up with Appalachian Goldendoodles. I’ve been very happy with my choice so far–great communication and lots of pictures!

Maggie at 5 weeks

My next step was to to create another excel sheet of to-dos and get going on them. I located and visited a training facility, groomer (goldendoodles are groomed every 4-8wks), boarding facility, and made a list of things we needed to purchase. I made a vet appointment for her the Monday after she arrives and she will begin puppy preschool the following Saturday at Zoom Room.

Maggie’s got a schedule. 😉

Here is what I purchased for Maggie in advance of her arrival. I got almost everything on Amazon. I set up a shopping list and price monitoring since I had so much lead time.

Crate with divider (don’t mind the child):

The crate is on rollers so that she can sleep in our room at night and hang with me in the office when she needs a break from the boys–and especially while we are house training.

Toys (picked out by the boys):

Leash, collar (girly!!) and tag, brush:

Training items (treat bag, treats, clicker):

Clean up:

Food (bowls, outside water bowl, food storage, food):

We are feeding what the breeder fed, Blue Buffalo puppy lamb and rice.

All ready!

And this bag  for her stuff because I HAD to have it:

I can’t wait to see the boys with her! We have set up some rules, but I imagine those will adjust as we see how they handle her. I feel like we have prepared the best we can, but I really have no idea what to expect. I worked at a vet for a long time and was crazy about my previous dog, but the reality is that I haven’t had a dog myself in about 8 years.

This is what I’m taking when we go pick her up: old sheet, towels, treats, her collar/leash, and a toy.

Wish us luck–and send me tips! 🙂



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