Pantry Refresh

For the first time in my life, I have a pantry. When we looked at this house, it was a major selling point. Its big and gorgeous. I could live in there. I may have even hidden in there a few times to get a break–and some chocolate.

In Hyattsville, I had a cabinet pantry made from billy book cases and was really happy with the organization system I developed.

I carried that over when we moved, but after about 9 months in the house, it needed a refresh.  I was keeping way too much “other” stuff in there, had accumulated some clutter, the space wasn’t maximized, and the locations of certain types of foods weren’t working. For example: Henry needs sweets out of his reach.

I initially looked at the container store/pinterest/amazon for “pantry specific” organizational tools. I thought I had an idea of what could some helpful additions–multi-level can holders, for example. There are some gorgeous pantry examples on pinterest. But I realized that I didn’t really know what I needed yet, so decided to tackle it first, buy new things second. And I’m so glad I did.

Here is how I tackled the pantry refresh:

I waited until nap time on a weekend. Way too many breakables and possible messes for little helping hands.

I spent some time looking around the “before” situation and got a feel for what I had and how I wanted to rethink it.

I removed EVERYTHING. Out of the pantry and out of the bins. Swept and wiped everything down.

I cleaned the bins and sorted all of the like items. I arranged the bins back into the pantry, then decided what I wanted where. I moved items that didn’t belong in the pantry to the trash or other areas of the house. Coolers, BBQ items, and drink buckets went outside. I filled each bin and put them back in the pantry. I put sweets out of Henry’s reach and healthy snacks on the bottom shelf. Oils, vinegars, and spices are now within quick reach, and things like cupcake liners higher up since I don’t use them often.

I decant bulk food to smaller containers, so arranged the smaller containers within reach, and the large (ugly) bags in high sided bins on the higher shelves. A wicker basket for onion and potatoes is in the darkest area of the pantry.

I put some new labels and voila! Final product!

The great news is that I only had to buy two new bins and I got them on clearance from target, so spent less than $5. I didn’t even need multi-level can storage! 🙂

And now excuse me while I raid those high up sweet bins…







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