Southern Foods

Growing up my mom had a freezer in the garage that was magically refilled with individual sized lasagnas and french silk pies (and maybe some other things like chicken and steak, but whatever, I was there was for lasagnas).

My mom STILL has that freezer, 20 years later. Though, I don’t think it magically refills anymore. 🙂

A Southern Foods at Home representative came to our home about a month ago and cooked us a meal. She talked to us about how we eat, what our values are, and our cooking habits. It was yummy and after some long conversations and some back and forth about the commitment, we decided we needed our own magic freezer.

How the program works:

  1. We get a freezer filled with 6 months of food.
  2. We eat the food.
  3. They come back in 6 months to refill it.

So, not so magic after all. But pretty darn convenient! We pay for the freezer and the food monthly, eventually the freezer is paid off and we just pay for the food.

And how do we like it after a month? Very much!

Selling points: 

The quality of the meat.

This was the biggest selling point for us. The meat is free of chemicals, hormones, and steroids. Its (for the most part) local to the southern part of the US–mostly farms in NC, SC, GA and VA. It also tastes LIGHTYEARS better than what I was buying at the grocery store. There is a great variety to choose from. The veggies are also very good and local/healthy, etc.


I can go shopping in my freezer. I have limited my grocery shopping to dairy, fresh fruit (and some veggies), and grains/potatoes. I get a lot of this stuff at Costco to minimize shopping even more. Meal planning and shopping is taking up much less of my time. My excel sheeting what is in the freezer gives me ideas and lets me know how much I have left. Which is also super fun for me (excel lovers unite!).


Plus, because of the way the food is packaged it defrosts in minutes. MINUTES!!! I don’t know how, but it does.

The food is also insured if the power goes out.

Food choices.

For dinner, I pick a meat, veggie and grain/potato. We eat at home more because I can’t say, “we don’t have anything for dinner.” The portion sizes are great. Southern Foods does have some prepackaged options, but on the advice of our rep (who is also a nutritionist) we stayed away from those. Except the chocolate chip cookies. Ha.



We are paying a little bit more for groceries now. And I have to limit myself to what is in the freezer (but that’s not terrible, its a good variety). I can’t go crazy at the grocery store or I won’t stay in budget. It is definitely not a cheaper route for your groceries, but its not crazy expensive either. And once we pay off freezer, the monthly cost will improve.

I’m also not thrilled about the payment structure, because I’m paying interest on both the food and the freezer (and this was not revealed to me upfront, but I should have known better). Its built into the cost, so its not like they tricked me, but I do NOT like paying interest, so that is not my favorite part of the set up. But, its the way they do it.


Its a long commitment. They have us pay off the freezer very slowly so that we will reorder. They make their money on reorders (and were very upfront about that). To really get the most out of the set up we will need to be with them for years. We decided that worked for us (especially with two growing boys) and since our parents did it for years and loved it, we were comfortable moving forward.

Overall, I’m thrilled with our choice and it makes perfect sense for our family. If you have any questions about it, let me know. Its definitely a different model than most people are used to. If you are interested in talking to a rep, let me know and I can set it up (and we both get a little something out of that!).

We also get to eat steak more often. And that’s a win, obviously. 🙂




4 thoughts on “Southern Foods

  1. Carla Johnson

    Do you still do southern foods? I may be interested in a few months whenever we build our house. I used to do it many many years ago but did recall it being very expensive.


    1. Hi! Yes, I still use it and really like it. I don’t think its expensive per se, its just a set price, so I am limited with the ability to “cut back” if I needed to. I think its on par with what I would spend at the grocery store/costco, but much higher quality. Let me know if you have more questions!


      1. Kala

        Did you create your spreadsheet yourself, or did you have a delivery list when they brought your meats? Do you have any suggestions or advice/regrets that you would be willing to pass along to a new customer?


      2. hello! I created a spreadsheet based on the delivery list, so it has different things on it. My only regret is that it is a little pricier than I originally thought and I don’t have as much control over my grocery budget now–its mostly a fixed price. But other than that, I am thrilled!


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