Skin Care Routine

If you know me in real life, you know I am about the least high maintenance person ever.

If Clay is reading this, I hope he wasn’t drinking anything–because he just spit it out.

Let me rephrase–in regards to make up, beauty routines, hair, etc, I’m very low maintenance. I didn’t start wearing any type of make up until my mid twenties, and that was only on special occasions. My mom got me the first make up I’d ever owned for my bridal shower. Currently, I wear eyeliner and chapstick on a daily basis.

I’ve never owned hair spray (or mousse or gel) in my life. In fact, I just bought my first hair dryer about 3 months ago since I’m growing my hair out. I don’t wax or pluck my eyebrows. I rarely shave my legs. Its just not how I like to spend my time. I’ve got other things to do. Like catch Pokemon.

There are a few things I do to make myself feel pretty. Like a good daily skin care routine, which I will detail below. Being a sunscreen fanatic. Keeping my toenails painted (I prefer a pedicure, but will do it myself if I have to). Smelling good is also really important to me, obviously. I’ll never turn down a spa day, and love bath products.

So most days I look like this:

But some days, I just want to do it up.

While I am low maintenance, I’m not NO maintenance–especially now that I’m in my thirties!

All that said, this is my daily (and weekly) routine–and the products I love! I have extremely sensitive skin so I have to be very careful. Also, I adore Mary Kay (I use this set)–and my mom is a consultant. WOOT.

I shower every other day and wash my face when in the shower. Alternating showers I use Mary Kay’s microdermabrasion or the spin brush. I’m obsessed with this cleanser–its the only one I’ve found that doesn’t make my skin go crazy.

Once out (or on non-shower days), I use the 2nd step in microdermabrasion if needed, or just go straight to moisturizer (with sunscreen) and eye cream. I have acne treatment gel, but I get like one zit a year, so rarely need it. The day solution gets used depending on how my skin is feeling, but I usually end up using it a few times a week.

Hair is up next-comb it out (wet) or brush (dry). If I’m going to blow dry, I use “its a 10” first. That stuff is like magic! And as a side note, I’ve had that comb since 3rd grade!

Deodorant, clearly. Then eyeliner and coconut lip butter. If I have something going on that day or am going out to dinner or something, I might put on some eye shadow (and this one), blush, and/or lipstick. I have a few others to choose from, but these are my go to.

Before bed, I put on chapstick, moisturizer (nighttime) and eye cream. Sometimes night solution, if my skin feels up to it. If I was wearing eye make up I take it off with a make up remover towelette.

I’m obsessive about hand cream and put it on a bunch of times per day. I have it at my desk, in my car, by my bed, and in the bathroom. 🙂

I get blackheads on my nose, so once a week or so I use a biore strip, or this new and exciting Korean pore mask! It keeps them pretty under control. Plus its fun in a gross way.

After showers, I use body lotion (or this one), foot lotion, and vaseline on dry spots.

And that’s about it. This even feels like a lot for me because I used to just put on moisturizer and that was it. Oh, to be young.

Any products that you just love that I should try?

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Instant Pot

Last night I made this Butter Chicken recipe in my Instant Pot. It was definitely the most complex recipe I’ve made in awhile, but I wanted to try it after finally picking up some Garam Masala at World Market a few weeks ago.

It was SO good. It was NOT healthy. Haha. I served it with naan and cauliflower rice. The cauliflower rice makes the stick of butter and 3/4 cup heavy cream okay, right? Totally balances it out. Totally. Well, that’s what I’ll tell myself.  I started eating before I took the picture. I couldn’t wait. Sorry.

Even though there were a lot of steps and ingredients, I did it all in my instant pot and vitamix, so clean up was a breeze. The recipe made enough for two dinners and two lunches and the cooking time was so fast it was on the table in about 30 minutes. For a working mom, its nice to be able to make complicated recipes with longer cooking meats in a short time. And a big capacity also means I can make more at a time for easy meals later. Thank you, Instant Pot! Insert SMILE and THUMBS UP!

In all seriousness, because its so fast, I use it 1-3 times a week. Usually I just put a frozen chicken breast or two in with BBQ sauce, salsa or my homemade teriyaki style sauce. I love the saute feature so I can thicken the sauce after the pressure cooking is over. It makes quinoa in 1 minute. Oatmeal in 3. I throw a couples chopped apples in there with some cinnamon and a splash of water and lemon juice and have apple sauce in 5 minutes. There is so much more I want to try!

There was a learning curve for me with using it. Probably because I didn’t read the directions and just assumed I knew what I was doing (surprise! I didn’t). One time I didn’t shut the vent and didn’t understand why the timer never clicked on (duh, no pressure). So the lesson here is to read the instruction manual, folks!

And I was a tiiiiny bit afraid it was going to explode at first but pressure cookers are safe now and I don’t even think about it anymore. Well, most of the time.
It has a bunch of other features I haven’t used yet, like yogurt making, etc. Send me recipes if you have some that you love. I want expand my repertoire, I know this thing can do a lot more!